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Participation at the 2020 European Academy of Management Conference

European Academy of Management

European Academy of Management
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News vom 20.03.2020

Stefan Razinskas will participate at this year’s European Academy of Management Conference with the paper titled “How to overcome habitual procrastination? The moderating effect of task enjoyment and resilience.” This research, which is joint work with Daniela Datzer (LMU Munich), Julia Backmann (University College Dublin), Michaéla Schippers (Rotterdam School of Management), and Martin Hoegl (LMU Munich), illuminates the detrimental role that procrastination plays for the academic efforts exerted by undergraduate business students. More specifically, the paper uncovers that having fun when working on tasks is not enough to mitigate negative effects of habitual procrastination, but that individuals also need high levels of resilience. The conference will be held from December 4th to December 6th, 2020, in Dublin (Ireland).

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