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Investigating the Elicitation of Employees’ Support Towards Digital Workplace Transformation - Neuer Artikel in "Behaviour & Information Technology" veröffentlicht.

News vom 22.04.2020

In Zusammenarbeit mit Prof. Dr. Iris Junglas (College of Charleston) hat Prof. Meske einen Artikel zum Thema "Investigating the elicitation of employees’ support towards digital workplace transformation" im Journal "Behaviour & Information Technology" (IF: 1.4) veröffentlicht.

Abstract: Digital transformation is currently one of the most prominent topics in information systems research. Existing work in this context mainly focuses on the digitalisation of business models and impacts on economy or society. However, with the transformation of business models also come significant IT-induced changes of workplace environments. In this paper, success factors of digital workplace transformation are investigated, thereby adding a micro-perspective to the ongoing research stream on digital transformation. We will show for an organisation in the wholesale industry that the expected work design characteristics have an important influence on the employees’ attitude towards digital workplace transformation. In more detail, we will show that enabling employees to expect being autonomous, competent and connected at the workplace is not only vital for their expected future work performance, but also for their expected well-being in the workplace. Both of the latter, in turn, increase employees’ positive attitudes towards digital workplace transformation and consequently their intentions to actively support the necessary change process.

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