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SKAIL project on AI and society receives planning grant from the VW Foundation

News vom 06.01.2020

The project "Skills, Artificial Intelligence and Labour (SKAIL)" receives a 9-months/122,000 Euros funding from the Volkswagen Foundation. In this project, Prof. Meske works together with Prof. Krzywdzinski (Lead, Berlin Social Science Center and Helmut-Schmidt University), Profs. Guile and Rodrigues (University College London) as well as Prof. Margaryan (Copenhagen Business School). SKAIL focuses on the development and embedding of artificial intelligence (AI) in workplaces, which is transforming the nature of work and skills. The implications of the emergent AI-based work practices for workers’ skill enhancement are not well understood. The project addresses this gap by (1) analysing the challenges of emerging AI systems for work practices; (2) examining skill requirements for different groups of workers interacting with AI (AI preparers, developers and users); and (3) developing criteria for the design of skill-enhancing AI systems, focusing on transparency and explainability.

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