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Assistant Professor for Educational Service Engineering & IT-Entrepreneurship

We study digital transformation on the interfaces between three areas of Information Systems and Management Research:

  1. Digital Entrepreneurship
  2. Digital Infrastructures & Ecosystems
  3. Organizing Data & Knowledge

This is mirrored by our research projects and publications, as well as our teaching on technology entrepreneurship, systems engineering, and data science.

We are part of the Digital Entrepreneurship Hub. As such, we help exploring the emergence of "digital entrepreneurs" and their role in digital ecosystems on a micro, meso and macro level: the individual, the company, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our website provides you with an overview of the assistant professorship for Educational Service Engineering & IT-Entrepreneurship, our course offers, the chair's research focus, current and recent events as well as job and internship offers.

Entrepreneurial Network University
Assistant professor for Educational Service Engineering & IT-Entrepreneurship