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KIEZ Fireside-Chat on Jan 27: Patent law, IP and copyright in an AI driven context.

If an AI creates novel insights, who owns that information? How can we capture value from machine learning products and services? What are the implications of AI technology for copyright and how do we protect AI generated creations? And how can an AI startup protect its data, models and software? Discuss with us the implications of generative IT on our understanding of intellectual property on Thursday, Jan 27 17:00 CET. The fireside chat will take place in an online setting.


Studie: „Berlin hat gute Chancen, in der Biotechnologie zu den weltweit führenden Gründungsstandorten aufzuschließen“

Berlin verschenkt nach einer Studie Potenzial für Innovationen in der Biotechnologie, hat aber gute Chancen, zu den weltweit führenden Standorten aufzuschließen. Wie die Studie unter der Leitung von Prof. Dr. Hannes Rothe von der Freien Universität und der ICN Business School ergab, liegt ein Schlüssel in der geplanten deutlichen Ausweitung der Laborkapazitäten an den Wissenschaftsstandorten Berlin-Buch, Berlin-Dahlem und Potsdam-Golm. Dadurch falle der zentrale Engpass in für Gründungen in der Biotechnologie bald weg. „Die aktuelle Pandemie verdeutlicht die Bedeutung von Innovationen im Gesundheitssektor für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Allgegenwärtig sichtbare Unternehmen wie Curevac und BioNTech haben dabei gezeigt, welchen zentralen Beitrag Ausgründungen aus den Lebenswissenschaften leisten können“, betonte Hannes Rothe. Die Chancen für einen Aufstieg der Hauptstadtregion stünden gut, weil „die führenden Wissenschaftseinrichtungen vor Ort sehr intensiv miteinander kooperieren und dem Transfer von Forschungsergebnissen in die Praxis zunehmend Bedeutung beimessen.


Prof. Rothe moves to ICN Business School

After 9 years at  Freie Universität Berlin , professor Rothe starts a position as Associate Professor at ICN Business School  on Sept 1, 2021, where he will work with colleagues and students on campuses in Nancy, Paris, and Berlin. He will remain an active member of the Digital Entrepreneurship Hub ( www.de-hub.org ), offer the course IT-Entrepreneurship in winter 2021, and continue research collaborations on venturing with Artificial Intelligence and bio technologies.


Research Associate position on Innovation & Entrepreneurship with AI

We are currently looking for a research associate (75%, d/w/m) interested in Entrepreneurship and Innovation with Artificial Intelligence. The open position neatly links latest research on Management Information Systems with on the ground support of AI innovations. We will therefore work closely with the university landscape, i.e.,  Profund Innovation - Freie Universität Berlin  and  Science & Startups  across Berlin, as well as with ventures and corporates at  AI Campus Berlin . While we follow ambitious goals, you can join an inspiring, forward-looking ecosystem and a highly motivated team at  Digital Entrepreneurship Hub .


Creating Value through Digital Innovation in Healthcare Panel online

Watch the panel on "Creating value through digital innovaiton in healthcare" at the WI2021 with Amonida Zadissa (European COVID-19 data platform), Oliver Groene (OptiMedis AG), Andrew Burton-Jones (EIC MIS Quarterly, The University of Queensland), Eivor Oborn (SE MIS Quarterly, Warwick Business School), and Ali Sunyaev (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)). The panel was hosted by professors Hannes Rothe and Lauri Wessel.


Managing the Dynamics of Platforms and Ecosystems (HICSS minitrack)

We are delighted to invite papers and participation to our HICSS-55 minitrack on ‘Managing the Dynamics of Platforms and Ecosystems’. The minitrack follows six years of successful exploration of this topic since HICSS-49.


Wir suchen 2 stud. Hilfskräfte mit Interesse an Startups

Wir suchen zwei Studierende, die uns bei einer Studie zu Biotech-Startups in Berlin und Cambridge unterstützen. Gemeinsam untersuchen wir die geringe Gründungsdynamik im BioTech und laborbasiertem HealthTech in Berlin.


More labs for more start-ups in the capital region?

Conditions for start-ups in the field of biotechnology are the focus of a study by scholars from Digital Entrepreneurship Hub at Freie Universität Berlin. The aim of the study is to develop an optimized transfer system between science, administration and business that is tailored to the specifics of Berlin's biotechnology sector. Results are expected by the end of September 2021 and are to be incorporated into the so-called "Master Plan Industrial City Berlin," i.e., measures to promote Berlin's industry. The study is being led by Prof. Dr. Hannes Rothe.


Job offer in start-ups at Freie Universität Berlin

Four start-ups are currently looking for co-founders or 1st employees: 1x business administration, 2x programmers, 1x data scientist.


European Postdocs meet at Digital Enterprise Fair

The Enterprise Fair, organized by the European Postdocs-to-Innovators network (p2i), took place digitally at the beginning of November. The program, which was co-designed by the Digital Entrepreneurship Hub, Inncubator from University of Innsbruck and Institut Curie at Paris PSL, offered scientists the opportunity to develop career perspectives - within and beyond an academia.


Sabbatical term for research in summer 2021

Professor Hannes Rothe will be on a sabbatical term for research between April and October 2021.


Podcast series "Data for Life" launched with ELIXIR

Dr.  Katharina  Lauer and Professor Hannes Rothe started the podcast series "Data for Life" that is presented by  ELIXIR . In the introductory episode, the hosts describe why this is the perfect time for an entrepreneurship scholar and a virologist to join forces. From this point forward, the podcast includes conversations with founders, managers, investors, and scientists who engage in  #entrepreneurship  and  #innovation  with  #biodata .


"Optimal Distinctiveness in Platform Markets" Professor Hannes Rothe publishes in Strategic Management Journal

The manuscript "Optimal Distinctiveness in Platform Markets: Leveraging Complementors as Legitimacy Buffers" by Karl Täuscher (University of Manchester) and professor Hannes Rothe was accepted for publication in the Strategic Management Journal.


ESOF2020: Open data infrastructures - a driver for innovation ecosystems

Together with Katharina Lauer from ELIXIR, professor Hannes Rothe hosts session on 'Open data infrastructures - a driver for innovation ecosystems' at this years Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF).


Published research on Digital Entrepreneurship

Just recently, the article " Researching Digital Entrepreneurship: Current Issues and Suggestions for Future Directions " has been accepted for publication in the Communications of the Association for Information Systems (C-ranked Journal, SJR Impact Factor 0.617). The article summarizes the Paper development workshop of the newly founded SIG DITE held at the International Conference on Information Systems in 2019. The article can be found here .


"Accumulating Design Knowledge" published in the Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS)

Design science research is a fundamental paradigm for the information systems discipline. While numerous studies developed design knowledge in the last decades, it is oftentimes questioned whether and how design knowledge relates to theory, whether design knowledge is revisited, and how it accumulates. Published in the flagship Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS), the publication Accumulating Design Knowledge: A Mechanisms-Based Approach provides first empirically-grounded replies. The study by Hannes Rothe (Freie Universität Berlin), Lauri Wessel (University of Bremen), and Ana Paula Barquet (Technical University Berlin) is the first to theorize the process of knowledge accumulation in design science research. It introduces three mechanisms, namely injection, folding, and enhancement, that help explaining different patterns of knowledge creation over time. The study followed three entrepreneurial ventures to derive mechanisms of knowledge accumulation before revisiting two streams of published design science research studies using text mining and information networks.


EXIST Startup Grant for Pricebase

Former master students in information systems successfully applied for EXIST Business Startup Grant for their AI venture. Pricebase enables mobile app developers to customize pricing based on the needs of their users.


WirtschaftsWoche talks with Professor Rothe about Postdocs-to-Innovators

Young researchers and postdocs are the epitome of what we generally described as "high potentials". However, we need to do a better job in supporting them on their journeys within and beyond academia. Professor Rothe talks with WirtschaftsWoche to raise attention towards these issues, but also illuminates opportunities that lay within our current research culture.


"Leaving the Shadow" published in BISE

"Leaving the Shadow: A Configurational Approach to Explain Post-identification Outcomes of Shadow IT Systems" was published in Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE). Together with professor Daniel Fürstenau and Matthias Sandner, professor Rothe presents this study on Shadow IT Systems to the most important journal of the German "Wirtschaftsinformatik" community.


Managing the Dynamics of Platforms and Ecosystems HICSS Minitrack

As co-chair of this HICSS minitrack, professor Rothe invites you to submit your research until June 15th 2020. We are interested in research that focuses on the “dynamic” aspects of platforms and ecosystems. How do platforms and ecosystems change? What is the nature of their evolution? What are the mechanisms driving evolution? How do platforms and ecosystems adapt to technological, social, economic, or even political changes? How can specific platform and ecosystem actors succeed within these dynamics?