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Creating Value through Digital Innovation in Healthcare Panel online

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Panel discusses digital innovation in healthcare

Panel discusses digital innovation in healthcare

Watch the panel on "Creating value through digital innovaiton in healthcare" at the WI2021 with Amonida Zadissa (European COVID-19 data platform), Oliver Groene (OptiMedis AG), Andrew Burton-Jones (EIC MIS Quarterly, The University of Queensland), Eivor Oborn (SE MIS Quarterly, Warwick Business School), and Ali Sunyaev (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)). The panel was hosted by professors Hannes Rothe and Lauri Wessel.

News vom 16.03.2021

Among a range of topics, the panel discussed the intricate role of healthcare #data, complexity of healthcare #ecosystems, how to manage ecosystems with value- and patient-centricity, as well as the role of the #crisis for data-driven healthcare institutions. Throughout the session, it became clear that there are multiple avenues for future research. The discussion also revealed limitations of research practices.

"We study small problems because small problems can be addressed in 30 pages or 40 pages [...] unfortunately the problems that are true problems are big problems" (A. Burton-Jones).


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