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KIEZ Fireside-Chat on Jan 27: Patent law, IP and copyright in an AI driven context.

KIEZ event on IP

KIEZ event on IP

If an AI creates novel insights, who owns that information? How can we capture value from machine learning products and services? What are the implications of AI technology for copyright and how do we protect AI generated creations? And how can an AI startup protect its data, models and software?

Discuss with us the implications of generative IT on our understanding of intellectual property on Thursday, Jan 27 17:00 CET. The fireside chat will take place in an online setting.

News vom 21.01.2022

We are absolutely delighted to talk with lawyer and computer scientist Thomas L. Lederer (ABP) and with Ilan Selz who works for technology law office Schürmann Rosenthal Dreyer Rechtsanwälte. Both have focused on cases in the domain of #ai in recent years and help us illuminate this evolving domain.

The event is part of the ongoing fireside chat series by Digital Entrepreneurship Hub (www.de-hub.org), Freie Universität Berlin, and the KI Entrepreneurship Zentrum (www.kiez.ai)

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