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Research Associate position on Innovation & Entrepreneurship with AI

We are currently looking for a research associate (75%, d/w/m) interested in Entrepreneurship and Innovation with Artificial Intelligence. The open position neatly links latest research on Management Information Systems with on the ground support of AI innovations. We will therefore work closely with the university landscape, i.e.,  Profund Innovation - Freie Universität Berlin  and  Science & Startups  across Berlin, as well as with ventures and corporates at  AI Campus Berlin . While we follow ambitious goals, you can join an inspiring, forward-looking ecosystem and a highly motivated team at  Digital Entrepreneurship Hub .

05.05.2021 | Assistant professor for Educational Service Engineering & IT-Entrepreneurship

Stellenausschreibung Stud. Hilfskraft (40 MoStd.)

Kennung: 04/21/HK03 befristet bis 14.11.2021 (Projektende) Bewerbungsende: 03.05.2021

26.04.2021 | Professur für Betriebswirtschaftslehre

Creating Value through Digital Innovation in Healthcare Panel online

Watch the panel on "Creating value through digital innovaiton in healthcare" at the WI2021 with Amonida Zadissa (European COVID-19 data platform), Oliver Groene (OptiMedis AG), Andrew Burton-Jones (EIC MIS Quarterly, The University of Queensland), Eivor Oborn (SE MIS Quarterly, Warwick Business School), and Ali Sunyaev (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)). The panel was hosted by professors Hannes Rothe and Lauri Wessel.

16.03.2021 | Assistant professor for Educational Service Engineering & IT-Entrepreneurship

Managing the Dynamics of Platforms and Ecosystems (HICSS minitrack)

We are delighted to invite papers and participation to our HICSS-55 minitrack on ‘Managing the Dynamics of Platforms and Ecosystems’. The minitrack follows six years of successful exploration of this topic since HICSS-49.

25.02.2021 | Assistant professor for Educational Service Engineering & IT-Entrepreneurship

Die ProfessorInnen Janina Sundermeier, Hannes Rothe und Yolande Chan hosten Track "Addressing Diversity in Digitalization" auf der 55. Hawaiian Conference on System Sciences (01/22)

In this mini track, we invite scholars to advance our theoretical knowledge on the digital impact on diversity, i.e. on inclusive design and application processes, practices and routines of organizing data and information systems that consider the role of diversity, and the influence of diversity in shaping the role, usage, and design of digital technologies. We are open towards diverse methodological and theoretical approaches and welcome contributions from scientists and practitioners likewise.

23.02.2021 | Prof. Dr. Janina Sundermeier

Campus.leben: Mit den Kunstgeiern durch die Krise

Im Finale des 29. Funpreneur-Wettbewerbs der Freien Universität Berlin wurden Geschäftsideen von Studierenden ausgezeichnet.

08.02.2021 | Professur für Betriebswirtschaftslehre

Wir suchen 2 stud. Hilfskräfte mit Interesse an Startups

Wir suchen zwei Studierende, die uns bei einer Studie zu Biotech-Startups in Berlin und Cambridge unterstützen. Gemeinsam untersuchen wir die geringe Gründungsdynamik im BioTech und laborbasiertem HealthTech in Berlin.

02.02.2021 | Assistant professor for Educational Service Engineering & IT-Entrepreneurship