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Published research on Digital Entrepreneurship

Just recently, the article "Researching Digital Entrepreneurship: Current Issues and Suggestions for Future Directions" has been accepted for publication in the Communications of the Association for Information Systems (C-ranked Journal, SJR Impact Factor 0.617).

The article summarizes the Paper development workshop of the newly founded SIG DITE held at the International Conference on Information Systems in 2019. The article can be found here.

News vom 02.08.2020


This report documents the outcomes of a professional development workshop (PDW) held at the 40th International Conference on Information Systems in Munich, Germany. The workshop’s goal was to identify how information systems (IS) researchers can contribute to enriching the understanding of digital entrepreneurship—that is, the intersection of digital technologies and entrepreneurship. The PDW assembled numerous IS researchers working on different aspects of digital entrepreneurship. Jointly, we delineated digital entrepreneurship from related phenomena and conceptualized different roles of digital technologies for entrepreneurial endeavors. We also identified relevant strategies, opportunities, and challenges in conducting digital entrepreneurship research. This report summarizes the shared views that emerged from the interactions at the PDW and during the collaborative writing of this report. The report provides IS researchers interested in digital entrepreneurship with food for thought and a foundation for future research.

Co-authored by: von Briel, F., Recker, J., Selander, L., Hukal, P., Jarvenpaa, S., Yoo, Y.,Lehmann, J., Chan, Y., Rothe, H., Alpar, P., Fürstenau, D., Wurm, B.

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