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Aktuelle Publikationen

Veröffentlichungen / Selected Publications:

  • Hanzl, L., & Rehm, M. (2023). Less Work, More Labor: School Closures Due to Covid-19 and Parents’ Work Hours in Austria. Feminist Economics.

  • Apel, J., Rohde, N., & Marcus, J. (2023). The effect of a nighttime curfew on the spread of COVID-19. Health Policy, 129, 104712.

  • Bäuml, M., Marcus, J., & Siedler, T. (2023). Health effects of a ban on late‐night alcohol sales. Health economics, 32(1), 65-89.

  • Koebe, J., & Marcus, J. (2022). The length of schooling and the timing of family formation. CESifo Economic Studies, 68(1), 1-45.

  • Marcus, J., Siedler, T., & Ziebarth, N. R. (2022). The long-run effects of sports club vouchers for primary school children. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 14(3), 128-65.

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