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Vacant Position: Pre-doctoral Small Area Estimation

News vom 08.11.2021

The research group in Data Science and Sustainable Development Goals (DATOS) from the Operations Research Center of the University of Miguel Hernández de Elche is looking for candidates for pre-doctoral calls with research funds from the group, and with the possibility of participating also in future competitive calls for an additional complementary period. The required profile is that of master or graduate students with a solid background in the fields of mathematics, statistics, operations research or computer science. Interested candidates should be in a position to join our doctoral program at the latest in February-September 2022.

A research line of interest is Small Area Estimation, under the supervision of Domingo Morales (d.morales@umh.es), (https://cio.umh.es/en/morales-gonzalez-domingo/).

Interested candidates should send, no further than December 15, 2021, the following documents by email to Sixto Alonso (salonso@umh.es): (1) Report motivating the interest in working in Small Area Estimation, (2) CV, and (3) Copy of academic records.

Pre-doctoral positions can have a duration of up to 3 years in assessable and successive annual contracts. The annual gross amount of each contract is 22.192, 80 euros.

36 / 80
Forschungsschwerpunkt Statistik und Ökonometrie