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CV Andreas Thams


Free University Berlin

Institute of Statistics and Econometrics

Boltzmannstr. 20

14195 Berlin



office:+49-(0) 30-838 53399

fax:    +49-(0) 30-838-54142

email: andreas.thams@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de



10/2005 - 11/2008   Freie Universität Berlin, Dr. rer. pol. (Ph.D. in Economics), Thesis advisors: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wolters and Prof. Irwin Collier, Ph.D.

10/2000 - 09/2005   Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Diploma in Economics

07/2004 - 01/2005   Tilburg University (The Netherlands), Exchange Student




04/2006 - present   Research Assistant, Institute of Econometrics and Statistics, Free University Berlin

10/2005 - present   Research Assistant, Collaborative Research Center 649, Project C6

02/2005 - 05/2005   Intern, Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor, Department for Business Cycle Analysis 

04/2003 - 08/2005   Teaching Assistant, Chair of Economic Policy, Technical University Berlin

08/2002 - 11/2002   Intern, Ernst & Young, Heilbronn

03/2001 - 05/2001   Intern, Gatrixx AG, Berlin



Time Series Econometrics


Monetary Economics

Bayesian Econometrics



Discussion Papers and Articles

Fiscal Policy Effects in the European Union, Discussion Paper 2006-016, Collaborative Research Center 649, 2006 

Die Erfassung der Dienstleistungen in Konjunkturanalysen: Eine Bestandsaufnahme, in Schwarze, J., Räbiger, J. and Thiede, R. (eds.), Arbeitsmarkt- und Sozialpolitikforschung im Wandel, Verlag Dr. Kovac, 2007

Bayesianische Ökonometrie, WiSt - Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium, 36(4) (joint with J. Block), 2007

The Relevance of the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level Revisited, MPRA Paper 1645, University Library of Munich, 2007

Fiscal Policy Rules in Practice, Discussion Paper 2007-015, Collaborative Research Center 649, 2007 

Optimal Monetary Policy in the Euro Zone: Should the ECB care about Output Stabilization?, SSRN Discussion Paper, 2007

Long-Term Orientation in Family and Non-Family Firms: A Bayesian Analysis , SSRN Discussion Paper (joint with J. Block), 2007

Inflation Transmission in the EMU: A Markov-Switching VECM Analysis, SSRN Discussion Paper, 2007


Paper Presentations

05/2006   2nd Macroeconomic Research Meeting Berlin, Germany

08/2006   International Symposium on Economic Theory, Policy and Applications, Athens, Greece

09/2006   Money, Macro and Finance Research Group 38th Annual Conference, York, United Kingdom

06/2007   7th Annual ifera Conference, Oestrich-Winkel, Germany (presented by J. Block)

06/2007   5th Workshop on Monetary and Financial Economics, Eltville, Germany

10/2007   Annual Congress of Verein für Socialpolitik, Munich, Germany

11/2007   Max-Planck-Institut, Jena, Germany (on invitation)

11/2007   G-Forum, Aachen, Germany (presented by J. Block)

03/2008   Annual Conference of the Royal Economic Society, Warwick, United Kingdom

05/2008   Mannheim University (on invitation)

07/2008   8th Annual ifera Conference, Nyenrode, The Netherlands (presented by J. Block)

08/2008   Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Anaheim, California, USA (presented by J. Block)



FBN Best Family Business Research Paper (Policy) Award 2008

Best Paper Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management 2008: Long-Term Orientation in Family and Non-Family Firms: A Bayesian Analysis

ERASMUS Scholarship



Spring 2003, 2004, 2005 "General Economics III - Economic Policy"

Spring 2006, 2007 "Seminar on Applied Time Series Econometrics"

Spring 2006 "Seminar on Applied Macroeconomics", Technical University Berlin

Fall 2006, 2007, Spring 2008 "Econometrics I: An Introduction to Econometrics"

Spring 2007 "Econometrics II: Dynamic Regression Equations and Cointegration"


Graduate Center of DIW Berlin
Joint Master's Program in Statistics