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Research Interests and Projects


Panel surveys, nonresponse and attrition, measurement error, imputation, weighting and calibration

Data Sets:

German Socio Economic Panel (SOEP), European Community Household Panel (ECHP), German Microcensus


  • CHINTEX (2000-2003) under EU 5th−Framework programme : ”CHange from INput harmonisation To EX-post harmonisation in the national subsamples of the European community household panel”. Joint project with Stat. Bundesamt, Univ. Essex, CEPS Luxembourg, DIW, Statistics Finland.
    Project results
  • MZ-Panel (2004-2006): Joint project with Stat. Bundesamt, LDS NRW and ZUMA (GESIS) financed by BMBF and the German Research Agency (DFG): The Use of the German Microcensus as a Panel.
    Project results
  • Access Panels (ongoing since 2008): DFG Priority Program Survey Methodology (http://www.survey-methodology.de)
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