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Titel Fachzeitschrift Autoren
House price expectations Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization Niklas Gahl, Peter Haan, Klaus Michelsen & Felix Weinhardt
Heteroskedastic proxy vector autoregressions: An identification-robust test for time-varying impulse responses in the presence of multiple proxies Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

Martin Bruns & Helmut Lütkepohl



Titel Fachzeitschrift Autoren
Parental Leave, (In)formal Childcare and Long-Term Child Outcomes Journal of Human Resources Natalia Danzer, Martin Halla, Nicole Schneeweis & Martina Zweimüller
Inflation Expectations, Inflation Target Credibility and the COVID-19 Pandemic: New Evidence from Germany Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

Winnie Coleman & Dieter Nautz

Accounting for pension wealth, the missing rich and under-coverage: A comprehensive wealth distribution for Germany Economic Letters Charlotte Bartels, Timm Bönke, Rick Glaubitz, Markus Grabka & Carsten Schröder
Changes in risk attitudes vary across domains throughout the life course Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization Neil Murray, Levent Neyse & Carsten Schröder
The Heterogeneous Effects of Social Assistance and Unemployment Insurance: Evidence from a Life-Cycle Model of Family Labor Supply and Savings American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics Peter Haan & Victoria Prowse

Inflation Target Credibility in Times of High Inflation

Economic Letters

Winnie Coleman & Dieter Nautz

Tuition fees and educational attainment

European Economic Review

Jan Bietenbeck, Andreas Leibing, Jan Marcus, Felix Weinhardt

The source of uncertainty and optimal monetary policy 

Economics Letters

Daeha Cho & Joonseok Oh                                                             

Inference on the maximal rank of time-varying covariance matrices using high-frequency data

Annals of Statistics

Markus Reiss & Lars Winkelmann

Revisiting the New Keynesian policy paradoxes under QE

European Economic Review

Dario Bonciani & Joonseok Oh

Monetary Policy Inertia and the Paradox of Flexibilty Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control Dario Bonciani & Joonseok Oh


Titel Fachzeitschrift Autoren

Health effects of a ban on late-night alcohol sales

Health Economics

Matthias Bäuml, Jan Marcus & Thomas Siedler

Characterising scoring rules by their solution in iteratively undominated strategies

Economic Theory

Christian Basteck

The Long-Run Effects of Sports Club Vouchers for Primary School Children

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

Jan Marcus, Thomas Siedler & Nicolas R. Ziebarth

Coordination under loss contracts Games and Economic Behavior

Steffen Ahrens, Lea Bitter & Ciril Bosch-Rosa

Heteroscedastic Proxy Vector Autoregressions Journal of Business & Economic Statistics

Helmut Lütkepohl & Thore Schlaak

Comparison of local projection estimators for proxy vector autoregressions Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

Martin Bruns & Helmut Lütkepohl

Deportations and the transnational roots of gang violence in Central America

World Development

Christian Ambrosius

Farewell Anatolia: Refugees & the rise of the Greek Left

European Journal of Political Economy

Theocharis N. Grigoriadis & Dimitrios Moschos

Parental Leave, (In)formal Child-care and Long-term Child Outcome

Journal of Human Resources

Natalia Danzer, Martin Halla, Nicole Schneeweis & Martina Zweimüller

Industrial Robots, Workers' Safety, and Health

Labour Economics

Rania Gihleb, Osea Giuntella, Luca Stella & Tianyi Wang

Globalization, Fertility and Marital Behavior in a Lowest Low Fertility Setting


Osea Giuntella, Lorenzo Rotunno & Luca Stella

Expectation management of policy leaders: Evidence from COVID-19 Journal of Public Economics

Peter Haan, Andreas Peichl, Annekatrin Schrenker, Georg Weizsäcker, Joachim Winter


Titel Fachzeitschrift Autoren

Income Redistribution and Self-Selection of Immigrants

Journal of Public Economics  Giacomo Corneo, Guido Neidhöfer

Face Mask Use and Physical Distancing before and after Mandatory Masking: No Evidence on Risk Compensation in Public Waiting Lines

Long-Term Inflation Expectations and the Transmission of Monetary Policy Shocks: Evidence from a SVAR Analysis         

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control

Gyula Seres, Anna Helen Balleyer, Nicola Cerutti, Jana Friedrichsen & Müge Süer

Max Diegel & Dieter Nautz

The Leniency Rule Revisited: Experiments on Cartel Formation with Open Communication

International Journal of Industrial Organization

Maximilian Andres, Lisa Bruttel & Jana Friedrichsen

All-Pay Competition with Captive Consumers

International Journal of Industrial Organization

Renaud Foucart & Jana Friedrichsen

Involuntary unemployment and the business cycle Review of Economic Dynamics Lawrence J. Christiano, Mathias Trabandt & Karl Walentin
Qualitative versus Quantitative External Information for Proxy Vector Autoregressive Analysis

Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control

Lukas Boer & Helmut Lütkepohl

Social Status Concerns and the Political Economy of Publicly Provided Private Goods

Demoracy and COVID-19 outcomes

The Economic Journal

Economics Letters

Jana Friedrichsen, Tobias König, & Tobias Lausen

Gokhan Karabulut, Klaus F. Zimmermann, Mehmet Huseyin Bilgin & Asli Cansin Doker

Immigration Policy and Immigrants’ Sleep. Evidence from DACA Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization Osea Giuntella, Jakub Lonsky, Fabrizio Mazzonna & Luca Stella

Robots, Marriageable Men, Family, and Fertility

Journal of Human Resources

Massimo Anelli, Osea Giuntella & Luca Stella


Titel Fachzeitschrift Autoren

Structural Vector Autoregressive Models with More Shocks Than Variables Identified via Heteroskedasticity

 Economics Letters Helmut Lütkepohl

The Propagation of Uncertainty Shocks: Rotemberg versus Calvo

International Economic Review

Joonseok Oh

Bayesian Inference for Structural Vector Autoregressions Identified by Markov-Switching Heteroskedasticity

Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control Helmut Lütkepohl & Tomasz Woźniak

Inference in Partially Identified Heteroskedastic Simultaneous Equations Models

Journal of Econometrics Helmut Lütkepohl & George Milunovich & Minxian Yang

Nonparametric regression with selectively missing covariates

Journal of Econometrics

Christoph Breuning & Peter Haan

Data-Driven Transformations in Small Area Estimation

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A Natalia Rojas-Perilla & Sören PannierTimo Schmid & Nikos Tzavidis

Income Support, Employment Transitions and Well-Being

Labour Economics Clemens Hetschko & Tobias Wolf & Ronnie Schöb

When the Stars Shine Too Bright: The Influence of Multidimensional Ratings on Online Consumer Ratings

Management Science

Christoph Schneider & Markus Weinmann & Peter N.C. Mohr & Jan vom Brocke

A Head-to-Head Comparison of Augmented Wealth in Germany and the United States (forthcoming)

Scandinavian Journal of Economics

Timm Bönke & Markus Grabka & Carsten Schröder &  Edward N. Wolff



Titel Fachzeitschrift Autoren

Looking Back in Anger? Retirement and Unemployment Scarring


Hetschko, Clemens & Knabe, Andreas & Schöb, Ronnie

Do demographics prevent consumption aggregates from reflecting micro-level preferences?

European Economic Review

Koulovatianos, Christos & Schröder, Carsten & Schmidt, Ulrich

Estimation of the discontinuous leverage effect: Evidence from the NASDAQ order book

Journal of Econometrics

Bibinger, Markus & Neely, Christopher & Winkelmann, Lars

Unconventional Monetary Policy, Fiscal Side Effects, and Euro Area (Im)balances

Journal of the European Economic Association

Hachula, Michael & Piffer, Michele & Rieth, Malte

More than Just Friends? School Peers and Adult Interracial Relationships

Journal of Labor Economics

Merlino, Luca Paolo & Steinhardt, Max Friedrich & Wren-Lewis, Liam

Embedding as a pitfall for survey-based welfare indicators: evidence from an experiment

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A

Hetschko, Clemens & Reumont, Louisa von Schöb, Ronnie

Job Satisfaction and Sorting into the Public and Private Sector: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Labour Economics

Natalia Danzer



Titel Fachzeitschrift Autoren

Paid Parental Leave and Children's Schooling Outcomes

Economic Journal

Danzer, Natalia & Lavy, Victor

The dynamic impact of macroeconomic news on long-term inflation expectations

Economics Letters

Hachula, Michael & Nautz, Dieter

Time-Poor, Working, Super-Rich European Economic Review Corneo, Giacomo
Optimal Procurement of a Credence Good under Limited Liability International Journal of Industrial Organization

Bester, Helmut & Ouyang, Yaofu

Should We Use Linearized Models to Calculate Fiscal Multipliers? Journal of Applied Econometrics

Lindé, Jesper & Trabandt, Mathias

On DSGE Models

Journal of Economic Perspectives

Christiano, Lawrence J. & Eichenbaum, Martin S. & Trabandt, Mathias

Wind Electricity Subsidies — a Windfall for Landowners? Evidence from a Feed-In Tariff in Germany

Journal of Public Economics

Haan, Peter & Simmler, Martin

From start to finish: a framework for the production of small area official statistics

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A Nikos Tzavidis, Li‐Chun Zhang, Angela Luna, Timo Schmid & Natalia Rojas‐Perilla


Titel Fachzeitschrift Autoren
Credence Goods, Costly Diagnosis, and Subjective Evaluation Economic Journal Bester, Helmut & Dahm, Matthias
Legal Uncertainty as a Welfare Enhancing Screen European Economic Review Lang, Matthias

Revisiting the Evidence for a Cardinal Treatment of Ordinal Variables

European Economic Review Schröder, Carsten & Yitzhaki, Shlomo
Stated and Revealed Heterogeneous Risk Preferences in Educational Choice European Economic Review Frank M. Fossen & Daniela Glocker
Spillovers of U.S. unconventional monetary policy to emerging markets: The role of capital flows Journal of International Money and Finance Anaya, Pablo & Hachula, Michael & Offermanns, Christian
The effectiveness of the ECB's unconventional monetary policy: Comparative evidence from crisis and non-crisis Euro-area countries Journal of International Money and Finance Jäger, Jannik & Grigoriadis, Theocharis
Constructing  socio-demographic  indicators  for  National  Statistical  Institutes  using  mobile  phone data:  Estimating literacy rates in Senegal Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A Schmid, Timo & Bruckschen, Fabian & Salvati, Nicola & Zbiranski, Till
Estimating the density of ethnic minorities and aged people in Berlin: Multivariate kernel density estimation applied to sensitive geo-referenced administrative data protected via measurement error Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A Rendtel, Ulrich & Schmid, Timo & Schmon, Sebastian & Tzavidis, Nikos & Groß, Marcus
Pension Incentives and Early Retirement Labour Economics Engels, Barbara & Greyer, Johannes & Haan, Peter

First-Order and Second-Order Ambiguity Aversion

Management Science Lang, Matthias

The Optimal Allocation of Decision and Exit Rights in Organizations

RAND Journal of Economics Bester, Helmut & Krähmer, Daniel


Titel Fachzeitschrift Autoren
Unemployment and Business Cycles Econometrica Trabandt, Matthias & Christiano, Lawrence J. & Eichenbaum, Martin S.

Subjective Evaluation versus Public Information

Economic Theory

Bester, Helmut & Münster, Johannes

On the long-run neutrality of demand shocks

Economics Letters

Chen, Wenjuan & Netšunajev, Alekse

Sovereign Risk, Interbank Freezes, and Aggregate Fluctuations

European Economic Review

Engler, Philipp & Große Steffen, Christoph

The Macroeconomic Risks of Undesirably Low Inflation

European Economic Review

Trabandt, Matthias & Arias, Jonas & Erceg, Christopher

ECB monetary policy surprises: identification through cojumps in interest rates

Journal of Applied Econometrics

Winkelmann, Lars & Bibinger, Markus & Linzert, Tobias

What Explains the Speed of Recovery from Banking Crises?

Journal of International Money and Finance

Ambrosius, Christian

Longitudinal analysis of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire scores of the Millennium Cohort Study children in England using M-quantile random-effects regression

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A

Schmid, Timo & Flouri, Eirini & Midouhas, Emily & Salvati, Nicola & Tzavidis, Nikos

Outlier robust small area estimation under spatial correlation

Scandinavian Journal of Statistics

Schmid, Timo & Chambers, Ray & Münnich, Ralf & Tzavidis, Nikos

Remittances and the Use of Formal and Informal Financial Services

World Development

Ambrosius, Christian  & Cuecuecha, Alfredo


Titel Fachzeitschrift Autoren

Are US inflation expectations re-anchored?

Economics Letters

Nautz, Dieter Strohsal, Till

Do parties matter? Estimating the effect of political representation in multi-party systems

European Economic Review

Freier, Ronny & Odendahl, Christian

Time-Varying International Stock Market Interaction and the Identification of Volatility Signals

Journal of Banking & Finance

Strohsal, Till & Weber, Enzo

Econometrics of cojumps in high-frequency data with noise

Journal of Econometrics

Bibinger, Markus & Winkelmann, Lars

Assessing the Anchoring of Inflation Expectations

Journal of International Money and Finance

Strohsal, Till & Winkelmann, Lars

Lifetime Earnings Inequality in Germany

Journal of Labor Economics

Timm Boenke & Giacomo Corneo & Holger Luethen


Titel Fachzeitschrift Autoren

Changing Identity: Retiring From Unemployment

Economic Journal Clemens Hetschko & Andreas Knabe & Ronnie Schöb

Stale forward guidance

Economics Letters Detmers, Gunda-Alexandra & Nautz, Dieter

Disentangling Demand And Supply Shocks In The Crude Oil Market: How To Check Sign Restrictions In Structural Vars

Journal of Applied Econometrics  Helmut Lütkepohl & Aleksei Netsunajev 

Longevity, life-cycle behavior and pension reform

Journal of Econometrics  Haan, Peter & Prowse, Victoria 
Structural vector autoregressions with Markov switching: Combining conventional with statistical identification of shocks Journal of Econometrics Herwartz, Helmut & Lütkepohl, Helmut


Titel Fachzeitschrift Autoren 

Are there bubbles in the Sterling-dollar exchange rate? New evidence from sequential ADF tests

Economics Letters  Bettendorf, Timo & Chen, Wenjuan

Missing wages: How to test for biased estimates in wage functions?

Economics Letters  Fertig, Michael & Görlitz, Katja

Causes and consequences of short-term institutional herding

Journal of Banking & Finance Kremer, Stephanie & Nautz, Dieter

Work norms, social insurance and the allocation of talent

Journal of Public Economics Corneo, Giacomo

Are Remittances a Substitute for Credit? Carrying the Financial Burden of Health Shocks in National and Transnational Households

World Development

Ambrosius, Christian  & Cuecuecha, Alfredo


Titel Fachzeitschrift Autoren
Credit Booms Gone Bust: Monetary Policy, Leverage Cycles, and Financial Crises American Economic Review Schularick, Moritz & Taylor, Alan 
Inflation, price dispersion and market integration through the lens of a monetary search model European Economic Review  Becker, Sascha S. & Nautz, Dieter 
Optimal top marginal tax rates under income splitting for couples European Economic Review  Bach, Stefan & Corneo, Giacomo & Steiner, Viktor
Exit options in incomplete contracts with asymmetric information Journal of Economic Theory Bester, Helmut & Krähmer, Daniel
Pollution Exposure and Child Health: Evidence for infants and toddlers in Germany Journal of Health Economics Coneus, Katja & Spiess, C. Katharina
Central Bank Communication and the Perception of Monetary Policy by Financial Market Experts Journal of Money, Credit and Banking Sandra Schmidt & Dieter Nautz