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Dr. Nora Lohmeyer was invited to present our Garment Supply Chain Governance Project to a class of future sustainability-managers

News vom 13.01.2017

Dr. Nora Lohmeyer was invited to present our project to a class of future sustainability-managers, studying sustainable management at the Hochschule für Nachhaltige Entwicklung (HNE) Eberswalde, Germany, 12. January 2017. In her talk she gave an introduction on the topic of social standards in the global garment industry, focusing on the industry’s structure and the risks it imposes on workers, and gave insights into the institutional responses to Rana Plaza, on the transnational, national, and corporate level. Students were particularly interested in the responses of garment retailers and brands and, among others, critically discussed the merits and pitfalls of auditing as one of the approaches to secure labor standards in garment factories.

The overall course, held by Prof. Dr. Remo Klinger, a legal expert on the topic of business and human rights, focuses on the legal basis of sustainable economic activity and is taught at the department for sustainable business at HNE Eberswalde.

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