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Event announcements - Research-practice dialogues on garment supply chain governance

News vom 08.06.2017

Garment governance project engagesin three research-practitioner events in the next month to engage in public debates about our ongoing research.

First, Elke Schüßler is organizing a public lecture series together with the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour (Arbeiterkammer) and the Institute of Sociology (JKU Linz) on questions of national and international solidarity relations. She and Steve Frenkel will present results from our research on global production networks in the context of this series (8.6. and 21.6.2017).

Second, Elke Schüßler is invited as a keynote speaker and panelist at the Sustainable Fashion Consumption Symposium, University of Ulm, 19.6.2017.

Third, together with Harvard university historian Sven Beckert and Jörg Hofmann (President of the IG Metall) Elke Schüßler will speak about the history of the textile industry from a historical, labor and economic perspective in an event organized by the Institut für die Geschichte und Zukunft der Arbeit (IGZA) and held at IG Metall Berlin on 17.7.2017.

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