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Garment Supply Chain Governance Project at the Conference on Global Production in Singapore

News vom 11.12.2017

Researchers from the Garment Supply Chain Governance Project team presented insights into our ongoing research at the Conference on Global Production (CGP) in Singapore. Rachel Alexander presented the paper "GPN Governance and Labour Standards: A Comparative Institutionalist Perspective", co-authored with Sarah Ashwin, Niklas Egels Zandén, Stephen Frenkel, Nora Lohmeyer, Chikako Oka, and Elke Schüßler, giving a comparative perspective on lead firm's supply chain governance mechanisms. Stephen Frenkel presented the paper "Governing Labour Standards in Garment Global Production Networks", co-authored with Shahidur Rahman and Mahmudur Rahman, and Jaco Fourie, presenting results from a survey of factory managers in Bangladeshi garment factories.

The Conference on Global Production (CGP) was held at the National University of Singapore, on 6 - 8 December 2017, in Singapore. This conference brings together the research community studying fragmented global production systems and is both a global and interdisciplinary conference. Conference themes covered inter alia the governance of global production networks, the role of transnational corporations in global trade, varieties of national organization and institutions, regulation of global production networks, and policy applications and implications of global production networks. The conference was attended by leading scholars in the field.

Stephen Frenkel, Shahidur Rahman, Rachel Alexander, Mahmudur Rahman, and Jaco Fourie at the Conference on Global Production in Singapore.

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