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Nora Lohmeyer gives talk on procurement related CSR strategies of garment retailes and brands

News vom 14.11.2017

Dr. Nora Lohmeyer was invited to give a talk on the question "How do CSR strategies feed into global goods procurement and corporate buying policies?" at the inaugural event of an event series on "Limits and Potential of Voluntary Sustainability Initiatives," jointly organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), Oxfam, Christliche Initiative Romero, Südwind, and Verbraucherzentrale. Further speakers were Dr. Nele Kampffmeyer (Öko-Institut), Peter Rossman (IUF), Carolijn Terwindt (ECCHR), Peter d’Angremond (Max Havelaar), and Franziska Humbert (Oxfam). 

The overall aim of this event series is to develop expertise among civil-society organizations on the limits and potentials of voluntary sustainability initiatives and to ultimately develop concrete demands to be directed at corporate and political actors. Future events, which will be held throughout the next year, will deal with questions such as the role of unions, living wages, and possibilities for legal liability of auditors as well as corporations.

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