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Workshop on 5 Years After Rana Plaza a great success

News vom 28.05.2018

The workshop organized by the Garment Supply Chain Governance Project at the Department of Management at Freie Universität Berlin and King’s Business School, King’s College London took the 5th year anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building in Bangladesh as an occasion to reflect on the consequences of this tragic event for labour standards in garment supply chains.

With over 60 registered visitors from academia and practice we were overwhelmed with the quality of discussions and joint knowledge we created. Attendants ranged from German government representatives and representatives from various NGOs to lead firm representatives and factory managers in Bangladesh, in addition to academics from around the world investigating the impact of Rana Plaza. The two-day workshop opened with a panel discussion with practitioners, working in the field of labour governance in the global garment industry, which was followed by 15 paper presentations, giving insights into the most recent developments in the garment industry. For details on the most important insights, please take a look at our workshop documentation.

We would like to thank all participants for their important contributions to fruitful and constructive discussions, which we hope will continue in the future!

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