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Stephen Frenkel is Professor of Organization and Employment Relations at the UNSW School of Business at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Born in South Africa, and having worked in Swaziland the UK and Australia, Stephen retains a strong interest in comparative sociology, particularly in relation to work and management. He has authored over 60 journal articles and edited or authored 10 books. In addition, he has undertaken research for the International Labour Organization. Stephen is an editorial board member (or equivalent) of several leading journals including Industrial & Labor Relations Review, the International Journal of Human Resource Management and Work, Employment & Society. His current research interests are labour and environmental standards in global supply chains and work and management in China.  

E-Mail: s.frenkel@unsw.edu.au

Jaco Fourie is a PhD candidate in the UNSW Business School at the University of New South Wales.

Born in South Africa, Jaco has spent the last fourteen years living and working in Sydney. Jaco has worked as a qualified stonemason and recently completed his undergraduate degree in Commerce (Liberal Studies) (Hons) at UNSW, majoring in Management and European Studies. Throughout his studies Jaco has pursued an interest in Corporate Social Responsibility, business ethics and international business. In his Honours thesis, Jaco explored CSR within the Australian Banking Industry, focusing on how employees interpret CSR strategy, and how CSR is communicated to and interpreted by employees. Jaco is currently undertaking coursework for his Ph.D before choosing a topic that will contribute to the Garment Supply Chain Governance Project.

E-Mail: j.fourie1@student.unsw.edu.au