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Course Structure

  • A course is called module.
  • It usually consists of two elements; two forms of teaching 
  • The typical forms of teaching are:
    V (Vorlesung): Lectures
    Ü (Übung): Tutorials
    S (Seminar): Seminar 
    PG (Projektgruppe): Project Group 
  • A typical combination is V plus Ü.
  • Seminars consists of one form of teaching.
    Besides regular attendance, a typical seminar requires the student
    to write a paper and present it in the classroom.Seminars typically
    require individual registration and some preparation during the semester break.
  • Project Groups are formed within a course and consist of a small number
    of students, jointly working on a project defined in the course.
Strategie & Qualitätsmanagement in Studium & Lehre