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Course Registration

  • You can register for modules via Campus Management, FUB's administration portal for your study matters.

  • Register completely for your module within the regular registration period at the beginning of each semester:

Registration period

  • Course registration in Campus Management ensures your participation in the exams.

> This manual explains course registration in Campus Management

  • If you want to register for courses that you don't see in your Campus Management account:  

Email to: international@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de
State your Student ID number (Matrikelnummer),
as well as the respective course titles and course numbers.

  • Courses with limited capacity (as stated in the course catalog or course list): 

Pre-register in Campus Management (you will see the bell sign for this course)
Please note the shorter registration period for these courses.

Results of the distribution process are visible in CM a couple of days after the deadline.
If admitted to the course, in Campus Management the bell sign is replaced by the sign for complete registration.


  • Registration for Seminars / Project Groups

Please follow the instructions in the course catalog (comment section) or check the lecturer's website.

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