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Letter of the Dean

Prof. Dr. Natalia Kliewer

Prof. Dr. Natalia Kliewer
Bildquelle: Peter Himsel 2023

Dear Exchange Students,

I am very pleased that you are spending your semester abroad at the School of Business & Economics at the Freie Universität Berlin.

I warmly welcome you!

We will do our best to ensure that you feel comfortable at the School and can actively participate. You will learn with motivation, celebrate good grades, but will also persevere in a self-disciplined manner when the lecture contents turn out to be difficult, reading materials endless and exams insurmountable (they are not!).

Teaching, learning and any work in the School are demanding. Therefore, never hesitate to use all the support offers: the consultation hours of the International and the Examination Offices, your Professors or International Mentors and students in your study groups and workshops. Be there, whether digitally or in person, and work continuously.
Sustained commitment will reward you with valuable insights.

Above all, however, I wish you that you enjoy your studies and everyday study life, because intrinsic motivation not only helps through difficult times, but outlasts them.

Our goal is to offer you the inspiring and diverse university life of a campus university.
I wish you a eventful and confident start into your exchange semester at our school!

Prof. Dr. Natalia Kliewer

Dean of the School of Business and Economics

Strategie & Qualitätsmanagement in Studium & Lehre