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Dr. Carolin Auschra



Garystr. 21
Room 210a
14195 Berlin
+49 (030) 838-56808

Office hours

By appointment.

Research profile

Within my research, I aim to understand how organizations can contribute to improving health care. Thereby, I focus on the following topics and methodological approaches.

Theoretical approaches: New institutional theory (in particular organizational fields, institutional change), resource-based approaches (in particular resourcing perspective), practice theory

Phenomenal approaches: Health organizations, inter-organizational networks, digitalization, Grand Challenges, entrepreneurship, reliability-seeking organizations

Methodological approaches: Qualitative research methods, systematic literature reviews and bibliometric analyses

Peer-reviewed, English-language publications

See also: ResearchGate

Fürstenau, D./ Auschra, C./Klein, S. (2020): A configuration approach to multi-sided platforms in healthcare: An ALS platform case. ICIS 2020 Proceedings (in press).

Berghöfer, A./Göckler, D./Sydow,J./Auschra, C./Wessel, L./Gersch, M. (2020): The German health care innovation fund – An incentive for innovations to promote the integration of health care. Journal of Health Organization and Management (in press).

Auschra, C./Schmidt, T./Sydow, J. (2019): Entrepreneurial ecosystems as fields: Integrating meso-level institutional theory. Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsgeographie/ German Journal of Economic Geography 63(2-4), pp. 64-78.. DOI: 10.1515/zfw-2018-0016.

Neumann, C./Kolak, T./Auschra, C. (2019): Strategies to digitalize inert health practices: The gamification of glucose monitoring. Information Technology 61 (5-6), pp. 231-241. DOI: 10.1515/itit-2019-0023

Fürstenau, D./Auschra, C./Klein, S./Gersch, M. (2018): A process perspective on platform design and management: Evidence from a digital platform in health care. Electronic Markets. 20 (2), pp. 161-188. DOI: 10.1007/s12525-018-0323-4.

Auschra, C. (2018): Barriers to the integration of care in inter-organisational settings: A literature review. International Journal of Integrated Care 18 (1), pp. 1-14. DOI: 10.5334/ijic.3068 .

Auschra, C./Braun, T./Schmidt, T./Sydow, J. (2018): Patterns of project-based organizing in new venture creation: Projectification of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. International Journal of Managing Projects in Business 13 (4), pp. 645-668.

Furstenau, D./Auschra, C. (2016): Open digital platforms in health care: Implementation and scaling strategies. ICIS 2016 Proceedings.

Conference and workshop participations


European Group for Organizational Studies Colloqium, Academy of Management Meeting (ENT-Division)*


Conference of the "Bundesverband Managed Care"; Workshop WK-Org; European Group for Organizational Studies Colloqium


Conference of the "Bundesverband Managed Care"; Workshop WK-Org, AOM Specialized Conference: Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy*; BCERC*, European Group for Organizational Studies Colloqium; Academy of Management Meeting (OMT- and PNP-Division); Austrian Early Scholar Workshop; G-Forum*


Academy of Management Meeting (OMT-Division); IRNOP Conference*; Austrain Early Scholar Workshop; Annual Writing Workshop of the University of Edinburgh, SKM Symposium Berlin, International Young Researcher QCA-Workshop


Academy of Management Meeting (OMT + HCM Division); European Group for Organizational Studies Colloqium; Workshop der WK-Org*; ICIS-Conference*


European Group for Organizational Studies Colloqium; Interdiziplinäre Jahreskonferenz zu Entrepreneurship, Innovation und Mittelstand*

*Attended by co-authors.


Reviewer (ad-hoc) for Health Policy; International Journal of Integrated Care; Journal of Competences, Strategy and Management; Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management; Journal of Health Organization and Management; Journal of Management Studies; Journal of Medical Internet Research; Journal of Strategy and Management; Management Review Quarterly; Organization Studies, Academy of Management Meetings (Outstanding Reviewer Award of the HCM division in 2017), WK-Org Meetings, ECIS, WI – Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik

Since 10/2013

Resarch associate at the Chair for Inter-Firm-Cooperation (Prof. Jörg Sydow), Management Department, Freie Universität Berlin

  • Dissertation topic (2013-2017): “(No) Change towards Inter-Organizational Collaboration in Established Institutional Fields – Insights from German Health Care”
10/2011 - 09/2013

M.Sc. Management & Marketing (Freie Universität Berlin and Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milan)

10/2008 - 09/2011 B.Sc. Business Administration (Freie Universität Berlin)
Organized Creativity