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Accreditation acc. to § 13 WPO

You can have written exams accredited that you passed within your Bachelor's program of study, should you intend to take the public auditor examination. Please read here under which conditions an accreditation is possible.

FACTS Research Workshop

The FACTS research workshop is a joint program of the professors Bigus, Hundsdoerfer, Kruschwitz, Löffler, Lorenz, Pronobis and Ruhnke. Everyone who is interested is cordially invited. Current programm.

PhD studies

In general, places for PhD studies are reserved for research assistants. However, under certain conditions there is also a possibility of a cooperation agreement. Please see here for details.


Prof. Ruhnke and his team are always glad to learn more about the exciting projects of the scientists visiting us. Please read here more about our guests.