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Seminar Digital Health SoSe 2022

News from Apr 21, 2022

Dear Students,

the health sector is globally confronted with pressing issues in face of demographic change, bursting costs and socio-economic as well as ethical questions following those issues. However, increasing digitization, mobile devices and sensor-based technologies, combined with ML and AI methods, hold enormous potential for this highly innovative and mesmerizing industry.

We would like to invite you for an online Q&A session
next Wednesday, 27th of April - 11.30 am on the summer block seminar "Digital Health" @Freie Universität. 

Prof. Dr. Daniel Fürstenau will provide you with insights on the structure, goals and characterisation of the course and follow up on your questions. You will also get an idea, on what is expected and why digital health is a highly innovative, disruptively challenging and fascinating field.

The link for the event: Info Event: Digital Health@FU

No registration needed. You can find further information about the course and the examination here
Feel free to reach out and contact daniel.fuerstenau@fu-berlin.de or rahel.gubser@fu-berlin.de (research assistant) for further info.

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