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Digital platforms and ecosystems

We investigate the embedding of digital innovations*** in larger platforms and ecosystems to improve user outcomes under consideration of an economic framework.

The focus lies on digital platforms and ecosystems in the health secor. Further areas include finance, e-commerce and startup ecosystems. We are interested in an integrative, value-centred design of operations using digital technologies.

We use advanced data analytics methods and a wide range of analytical and data-driven methods for our analyses.

IT Management

Many different digital services interact in digital infrastructures and platforms. Today, these are increasingly realized in the cloud and in interaction with partners in ecosystems. Lightweight digital solutions in specialist areas offer significant opportunities for increasing agility, but require stringent IT management and integration into a company's architecture and IT governance in order to create value for organizations. In this area, we explore approaches to the management and governance of enterprise digital infrastructures to increase business innovation and manage IT risks.

***Example of a digital innovation: Implementation of the humanoid robot Pepper in the customer service of a financial services provider. Other examples include mobile apps, wearables, sensor solutions, and decision support systems.

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