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DIPA-SCALE: Digital Platforms - Mechanisms of Establishment and Scaling

Principal investigator:

Prof. Dr. Daniel Fürstenau (FUB, ECDF)

Project participants:

Matthias Schulte-Althoff (FUB), Kai Schewina (FUB), Prof. Claudia Spies (Charité, ECDF)

Project description:

The digitalization leads to the transformation of multiple branches. Commerce companies as Otto.de transform themselves to E-Commerce-Platforms. Traditional banking companies could soon transform to FinTech-Platforms. In the health industry the traditional model of episodic care processes in some institutions could be enriched or replaced by integrated care processes. In all these cases internal digital infrastructures in companies are complemented by externally opened digital platforms focussed on innovation. In this project the focus lies on digital platforms, including the partner-ecosystems. This is considered from the perspective of socio-technological networks, whereby respective visualizations and analyses are displayed on multiple levels (e.g. connections within the IT-architecture with components/services/systems, connections within the partner ecosystem). In doing so a network-analytical framework is applied. Temporal dynamics are being examined explicitly. A data-/model-driven approach is pursued, existing approaches are being considered and further developed. The examination of mechanisms of the establishment and scaling of digital platforms is focussed.

Sponsored by:

Einstein Center Digital Future

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