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TMBPS - Text Mining of Social Media Data as a Form of Citizen Participation in Urban Planning Processes

Principal investigator:

Prof. Dr. Daniel Fürstenau (FUB, ECDF)

Project participants:

Matthias Schulte-Althoff (FUB), Flavio Morelli (FUB), Prof. Jochen Rabe (TUB, ECDF)

Project start:


Project description:

Citizen participation enables the integration of citizens' opinions into the urban planning process. This makes it possible to derive urban planning measures that are more effective and more acceptable to society. In recent years, various approaches have been developed that have simplified the participation of citizens with new technologies. One method that has hardly been researched in this context is Topic Modeling. Topic modeling can be used to discover the topics contained in a corpus. This project uses Twitter data to investigate the extent to which Topic Modeling can be used for the analysis and visualization of citizens' views and the limitations of these methods. An indicator is proposed to analyze the temporal development of topics in a district. In this way, the change in citizens' priorities can be better understood in an interdisciplinary manner and in the context of the Einstein Center Digital Future.

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Department Wirtschaftsinformatik