Funpreneur competition (GPP)

TypeProject seminar
InstructorProf. Dr. Martin Gersch, Natalie Nirenberg and externals
SemesterRegularly in the summer and winter semesters
Scope of Course2 weekly hours during the semester (in blocks); workload 150h/semester
Number of Places60
Registration Mode

This module has a limited number of participants. 

Please register via the Campus Management system. 


Target group

Bachelor stundents from all Berlin universities can participate in this interdisciplinary General Professional Preparation (GPP) course. The wide-ranging composition of the participant group with participants from social and arts studies and STEM subjects creates a wide spectrum of foundation ideas with dynamic, interdisciplinary and dedicated teams. 

Contents and learning objectives

The knowledge that the students gather during the course of the theoretical phase can be directly applied in the practical phase in an action- and problem-oriented way, considering that the resulting products and services are to be offered on the free market. The course is designed as a so-called interdisciplinary "blended learning"-setting. Academic topics from the area of Entrepreneurship Education are combined with topics from partners from the practical area and from guest speakers. The topics are then critically reflected upon during the practical phase through the use of coaching. 


The competition commences with a two-day workshop comprising creativity techniques, idea finding and the development of business ideas. After a theoretical validation and a practical design, the five-week practical phase begins for the teams with issuance of a symbolic seed capital of 5 € and the assignment of a mentor from the business field. During two exchange events, the teams present their current work status in a plenum and give and receive feedback. Depending on the achieved business success, selected teams then compete for the endowed prize money, which is awarded by a jury of business representatives.

Weeks 1 + 2

Opening event, ideation and team building, BMC and VPC, prototyping, marketing, law aspects, meeting with the business mentors

Weeks 3 through 7

Practical phase

Creation of the Funpreneur summary with BMC

Week 8

Closing event with Funpreneur exhibition, team pitches, jury sessions and awards


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Fixed dates for the winter semester 2018/19

Datum Veranstaltung Ort
Monday 22.04.2019        Opening event

14 - 18 Uhr

Hs 106, Garystr. 21
Friday 26.04.2019           

Ideation and team building I

13 - 18 Uhr

Hs 102, Garystr. 21
Saturday 27.4.2019

Ideation and team building II

10 - 18 Uhr

Hs 102, Garystr. 21
Monday 29.04.2019

Traget groups and prototyping

14 - 18 Uhr

Hs 101, Garystr. 21
Monday 6.5.2019

Marketing and sales

14 - 18 Uhr

Hs 101, Garystr. 21
Monday 13.5.2019

law workshop

14 - 16 Uhr

Hs 107, Garystr. 21
Thursday 16.05.2019

Kickoff meeting with business mentors

19 - 21 Uhr

HS 102, Garystr. 21
Monday 27.5.2019

Pitching techniques and storytelling

14 - 18 Uhr

Hs 107, Garystr. 21
Monday 3.6.2019

Feedback and finalisation I

14 - 18 Uhr

Hs 107, Garystr. 21
Monday 10.6.2019

Feedback and finalisation II

14 - 16 Uhr

Hs 102, Garystr. 21
Tuesday 14.6.2019 Deadline Funpreneur summaries  
Tuesday 18.6.2019

Final feedback and briefing

10 - 14 Uhr

Hs 106, Garystr. 21
Monday 24.6.2019

Closing event

ab 15:00 Uhr

Hs 102, Garystr. 21
27.6. - 28.6.2019

Conference Hello Diversity


Further information

Online course catalogue of the Freie Universität Berlin

Cooperations and supporters

This course is coordinated by the Gersch Chair of Business Administration. It is conducted with renowned partners from practical fields and a circle of supporters from the IHK Berlin, Wirtschaftsjunioren Berlin e.V. and the FU Profund Innovation. 

Contact person: 

Natalie Nirenberg
Chair of Business Administration, Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch
Phone: 030 838 65984

Please note: From 8 November through 26 November 2018, Dimitrij Kwascha will take over the consultation hours. Please arrange an appointment by e-mail via

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