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Business Process Blueprinting: Conceptional Methodical Embedment of Demand-Alignment in Business Process Reengineering

This project aims to overcome existing barriers between the economic Marketing and Business Informatics fields to improve observable deficits when designing process based service offers. Both areas focus on – each without reflecting on the works of the other discipline – partial aspects of business process management. Business Process Reengineering methods and tools established in both science and practice display deficits in particular with the systematic consideration of customer perception within the scope of their process involvement. However, in the Marketing field the corresponding approaches to method-based, process-oriented analysis and design of quality perception have been established for decades. The goal of this project is the conceptional development and practical use of methods and tools (Prototype title: Business Process Blueprinting) to embed the demand-alignment in established approaches of Business Process Reengineering. Business Process Blueprinting will then become the foundation for interdisciplinary research projects (e.g. Potentials of Process Target Costing; process-oriented price management; mass customization: process-based payment reserves) and tangible process improvement projects with practicing partners.

Project duration: since 2003
Contact: Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch; Hannes Rothe
Project budget: Own funds
Project partner: Chair for Business Informatics at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Prof. Dr. R. Gabriel) as well as the Marketing Department (Prof. Dr. M. Kleinaltenkamp) at the FU Berlin.
Goal/Research question: Conceptional development and application of a method to embed the demand-alignment in Business Process Reengineering.



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