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Competence Center E-Commerce

The Competence Center E-Commerce, as part of an international research network in cooperation with commercially operating firms, engages in firm-, market- and industry-specific documentation and analysis of observable change and transformation processes. Reflection occurs in the context of traditional economic legitimacies as well as a focus on possible „scientific crises“ (as described by T. Kuhn).

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Project duration: Open-end
(continuing activities since 2000)
Contact: Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch; Prof. Dr. Lauri Wessel
Project budget: Third-party funds
Project partner: CCEC’s well-established commercial network (founded in 2000); Institute for Management and Chair of Business Informatics at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Roland Gabriel).
Goal/Research question: Technological developments as the driving force of observable change and transformation processes. Which (altered) economical legitimacies are relevant in an increasingly digital and networked economy? Implications for strategic (IT/information) management.



Competence Center E-Commerce
Entrepreneurial Network University (ENU)
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