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IOIS/ISVS – Development and Implications of Networked Added Value Alliances

In current strategic (information) management research, as well as in business-to-business marketing, analysis is expanding from more bilateral intercompany information systems (ZBI/IOIS) to multilateral company networks covering multiple stages of value addition (ISVS: Industry Segment Value System Klein/Reimers/Johnston 2004, as the next generation of IOIS: Inter Organisational Information System). This project focuses on the analysis of the diffusion course of developing ISVS as well as the changes they bring about on the level of individual business systems, markets and industries. Subject is the conceptional empirical research of technical-organizational prerequisites and strategic aspects based on evolutionary approaches and research conceptions. This project bridges existing borders between the Business Informatics (esp. integration and IOIS/ISVS research) and general Business (IGM, diffusion and cooperation/network research) subject disciplines and advance evolutionary research conceptions.

Project duration: At least 3 years
Contact: Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch; Prof. Dr. Lauri Wessel; Charlotte Vogt; Eugenia Lazaridis
Project budget: Planned: third-party funds
Project partner: Theme-interested practicing partners as well as co-operations with ISVS researchers (e.g. FHG ISST)
Goal/Research question: On which paths are ISVS („Industry Segment Value Systems“) created, which technical-organizational prerequisites facilitate their diffusion and what influence do they have on existing business systems, markets and industries?



Competence Center E-Commerce
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