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Building on the reality of the demographic change in Germany as well as the rapid development of technological potential in the context of the convergence of information technology, telecommunication and media to an encompassing networkable infrastructure, the CCEC together with numerous partners in the „E-Health@Home“ project asks the following question: identification, development, evaluation and if necessary implementation support of innovative business models with the goal to improve the self-determined life of the elderly in a private environment through innovative, technology supported services. The technical, social and economic aspects are integrated equally. Origin are current and future potentials in the telemedicine area (telemonitoring, teleconsultation, telehealing). These are to support life models, new approaches and tangible services, which at the same time raise the  perceived standard of living and lower the cost generated (macro economically as well as specifically for each individual person or family).

Project duration: since 09/2008 (for at least 3 years)
Contact: Martin Gersch; Michael Hewing; Susanne Schröder
Project budget: BMBF: Funding focus: "Technology and Services in Demographic Change"; Funding code: 01FC08003
Project partners: Theme-interested research and practicing partners (e.g. T-Systems, FHG, RISP, BIP, Gegenbauer)
Goal/Research question: How can current and future technological potential be used to better and more efficiently support and care fort he elderly in domestic environments?




Competence Center E-Commerce
Entrepreneurial Network University (ENU)
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