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InnoWeb 3.0

Web technologies are the source of innovation for electronic service providers and products. With small capital investment requirements they offer a good chance for new and innovative business models along with the resultant economic growth. For example, Web 2.0 has led to new and market-proven business models and solutions. Today, the chance for development of new research for marketable results presents itself in the environment of the Web 3.0. This field of technology combines the interaction possibilities and user-focus of modern web applications with the advantages of content description and processing of the Semantic Web.

InnoWeb 3.0 presents research ideas and findings form the Web 3.0 environment in a contest, in which they must prove their market orientation. Starting with an inventory of ideas from research and qualification results, a structured description of the application and realization perspectives is developed for each of these ideas. With existing research and market expertise, the best ideas will be selected for research and development projects in the context of a business model contest -like assessment, and will be supported in their individual development. The InnoWeb 3.0 conception is innovative in the sense that from the outset it places the question of the applicability of research ideas at its core. This market orientation will occupy more than half of the workload of the screening phase on the way to an innovation laboratory. Proficiency in the fields of computer science, economics and start-up promotion are combined from both the staff and knowledge perspectives and aim to accelerate and improve the “going market” of promising inventions.


Project duration:

Initially for 6 months (option to extend 2 years)

Contact: Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch, Prof. Dr. Lauri Wessel
Project budget: ForMaT-Förderprogramm (BMBF)
Project partner:

Prof. Dr. R. Tolksdorf (FU Berlin, Institut for Computer Science)

Goal/Research question: Systematic support and time reduction of the time period between invention and innovation in the 3.0 environment.



Competence Center E-Commerce
Entrepreneurial Network University (ENU)
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Department Information Systems