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Teaching and Learning with Technologies ("Lehren und Lernen mit Technologien" - L3T)


In the context of the analysis project „Technology-driven Change and Transformation Processes" in the area of academic education, the professorship Gersch participates in an innovative project focussing the use of new media for teaching and learning. Coordinated by Sandra Schön and Martin Ebner, the first challenge was to create a textbook on the topic of learning and teaching with technologies ("Lernen und Lehren mit Technologien (L3T)"). A whole new concept was used during the creation of this book, working together mostly online and via virtual collaborative tools, which led to intense networking between a huge number of different protagonists of the german educational sector. Over 115 authors and 80 reviewers have contributed to this first publication of the L3T community. Published under an Open Content license, it is freely available (http://l3t.tugraz.at) and provides a profound overview for everyone interested in new ways of teaching and learning. The great success of the e-book which has been downloaded over 100.000 times by Feb 2012 shall be continued in the future by other (electronic) publications. In addition, the authors community closes ranks by personal networking. Recently the L3Ts Work conference provided the opportunity of exchanging ideas concerning the trends and future prospects of the German-speaking educational sector with a wide range of stakeholders.

Overall, the professorship Gersch has contributed to 2 chapters of the first book:

  • Bäuml-Westebbe, G.; Buchem, I.; Ebner, M.; Egloffstein, M.; Lehr, C.; Peterson, B.; Schön, S. (2011): Kommunikation und Moderation – Internetgestützte Kommunikation zur Lernunterstützung, in Ebner, M.; Schön, S. (Hrsg.): L3T - Lehrbuch für Lernen und Lehren mit Technologien, http://l3t.tugraz.at/index.php/LehrbuchEbner10/article/view/57/30.
    Abstract: Mobile phones and the internet are more and more part of our daily life and work routine. Digital communication facilities are increasingly used fot teaching and learning - in schools,  universities, and in professional training. This chapter discusses digital communication and moderation as a base for learning processes in educational online commmunities. First, the specifics of computer-mediated communication (CMC) are presented and different parameters describing online communication processes are explained. Subsequently, the chapter shows the implementation of CMC in educational online communities in theory and practice.
  • Fink, C.; Gabriel, R.; Gersch, M.; Lehr, C; Weber, P. (2011): Lernservice-Engineering – Eine ökonomische Perspektive auf technologiegestütztes Lernen, in Ebner, M.; Schön, S. (Hrsg.): L3T - Lehrbuch für Lernen und Lehren mit Technologien, http://l3t.tugraz.at/index.php/LehrbuchEbner10/article/view/33/54.
    Abstract: The German-speaking educational sector is subject of a high pressure to innovate new and better educational offers and to modernize the existing ones. At the same time, public budget is scarce; which makes it necessary to look at and to organize education also from an economic point of view. The following article will exemplarily frame academic education as a conglomerate of services and thus apply well-established methods and approaches of service marketing and other economic areas of research to university education. This approach creates a new field of research called "Learn-service engineering", which shows ways and chances to create technology-based educational offers while respecting the limits of financial means and the individual needs of different learning types.

In addition to the immediate implications of the L3T activities the professorship Gersch benefits from this project in several other ways. L3T editors and authors Sandra Schön, Martin Ebner and Peter Baumgartner have contributed to a series of lectures in the context of the NLL@Wiwiss project. This gave the opportunity to profoundly discuss recent topics such as Open Educational Resources (OER) or E-Portfolios at the School of Business and Economics of the Freie Universität Berlin.


Project duration: since 05/2012

Publication of the first edition of the L3T textbook (online) on 01.02.2011.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch; Hannes Rothe
Project budget: Own funds
Project partners: Project management: Sandra Schön (Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft m.b.H.) and Martin Ebner (Technische Universität Graz)
Goal/Research question:

The future of the (text-)book: which media will be relevant for teaching and learning?


  • Cooperation in creating the L3T textbook ("Lehrbuch für Lernen und Lehren mit Technologien"; = learning and teaching with technologies)
  • Analysis of technology-driven influences on the production and use of teaching and learning material


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