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Optimization of the course planning - time and space plans

Principal Investigator:
Research Team:

Dekanat Wiwiss

Contact Person:
Maximilian Adam
+49 (0) (30) 838 53692 (Office)

Within the project "Optimization of the course scheduling" a software module is developed with which improved curriculums for the Department of Economics can be created. The module consists of three main components: user interface, database, and optimization.

The control of the system and the collection of the required data concerning the lectures, the teaching staff, the available space, the room equipment and the intersection of freedom of selected events, is performed by the user interface.

The allocation of courses on space and time considering the conditions at the Department is carried out by standard optimization software, which is integrated into the system. For this purpose, a mathematical model is developed and the interfaces for data transfer can be realized. Furthermore, there is a processing of the results of the optimization for graphical output in the form of course timetables.

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