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Marianna Kokhan visiting our department

We are happy to welcome Marianna Kokhan of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (IFNUL) as a guest at our chair. She will be visiting our department between the 22nd and the 29th June.

Teaching Award for "Finanzwissenschaftliche Steuerlehre"

For his Bachelor Tutorial in the course "Finanzwissenschaftliche Steuerlehre" Tom Günther was awarded the teaching prize of the Department of Economics.

Commentary in the FAZ: The Alimentation Spiral

In a joint commentary, Prof. Ronnie Schöb, Svenja Miltner and Tom Günther discuss the reforms of the citizen's income and housing allowance implemented at the beginning of the year. The article is available on the library portal of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Prof. Schöb as guest on MDR about citizen's income

Ronnie Schöb will be a guest on MDR's talk show Fakt ist! on 21.11.2022. Together with other guests, he will discuss the current proposals for a citizen's income.

Prof. Schöb on the podcast Wirtschaftliche Freiheit on Citizen's Income

In the episode "Citizen's Income instead of Hartz IV" in the podcast Economic Freedom by Prof. Dr. Norbert Berthold, Prof. Schöb discusses the new citizen's income.

This podcast can be listened to.

Focus on Unconditional Basic Income

The Scientific Advisory Board at the Federal Ministry of Finance, of which Professor Schöb is a member, commented on the unconditional basic income in a very detailed report last summer. In addition, Professor Schöb has commented on this topic on several occasions.

1) Guest article in Wirtschaftswoche (with Andreas Peichl, Christian Waldhoff and Alfons Weichenrieder), 2) Podcast Wirtschaftliche Freiheit (with Norbert Berthold) and 3) Panel discussion Ifo Dresden (with Marcel Thum, Jürgen Schupp and Jürgen Wegge).

Prof. Schöb analysiert im WirtschaftsProf. Schöb analyzes the effects of the minimum wage in Germany in Wirtschaftsdienstdienst die Auswirkungen des Mindestlohns in Deutschland

In view of the planned increase in the minimum wage to 12 euros/hour next year, Prof. Schöb, together with Prof. Knabe (University of Magdeburg) and Prof. Thum (University of Dresden and Director of the ifo Institute Dresden), summarizes the effects to date as well as the sociopolitical risks of the minimum wage in Germany. The article can be read online or in the December issue of Wirtschaftsdienst (101st volume, 2021 - issue 12).

Prof. Schöb reports in the Tagesspiegel supplement of Freie Universität on policy analysis.

In the December 4 Tagesspiegel supplement of Freie Universität, Prof. Schöb and others report on their experiences in policy analysis. The article can be read online or in the printed edition of the Tagesspiegel of December 4, 2021.

Book by Ronnie Schöb: The Strong Welfare State - Less is More

In his new book, "The Strong Welfare State - Less is More," Ronnie Schöb takes stock of the German welfare state and presents a comprehensive modernization proposal for the sustainable redesign of the German welfare system, which is becoming even more important against the backdrop of the current crisis.

Research Seminar in Economics