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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Master's degree in Management and Marketing.

An overview of all formal requirements for admission can be found here. These must all be fulfilled in order to consider your application.Missing proofs at deadline of the application or documents that are not officially recognized as proofs cannot be accepted.

Your application can only be considered if all entrance requirements for admission are fulfilled until the deadline. It is not possible to compensate missing entrance requirements through professional experience or similar. Likewise, all required achievements (except the language requirements) must have been provided within the Bachelor's degree.

The requirements regarding your German level can be found here. As classes in semester 1, 2 and 4 are in German profound German skills are needed for the Master program.

Creditable are modules which aim at the mediation of mathematical basis. In the past courses like: Mathematics for economists, quantitative methods, statistics, calculus or empirical research methods could be credited.

Not creditable are courses which aim at the application of mathematics. In the past, these included, in particular, economics courses such as micro- and macroeconomics as well as introduction into economics. Economic informatics, accounting, controlling, market research, decision support systems and operations research were also not creditable.

Should the title of the course not be clear, selected module descriptions can be uploaded additionally.

Creditable were for example courses with titles: Internal / external accounting, accounting, financial statements, investment and financing, investment accounting, accounting & taxation as well as company taxation.

Should the title of the course not be clear, selected module descriptions can be uploaded additionally.

It is not necessary that the Bachelor's thesis has already been graded. As an alternative to the Bachelor's thesis, a seminar paper - in the field of "Marketing" or "Management" - can be submitted of at least 12 pages as a scientific work. Please note that case studies and business plans can mostly not be considered as scientific nature. However, if an applicant does not submit a seminar paper or a Bachelor thesis, we cannot take this application into consideration. The work must be written or translated in German or English and must contain information on the institution and the supervisor.

If there is a blocking note on the work, it is possible to black out certain phrases. All works must be submitted by the end of the application period. There are no post-delivery periods.

The English language skills of at least level B2 (GeR) are most easily demonstrated by a German high school diploma certificate (Abiturzeugnis), if it shows that at least six years of English have been completed or if the level of English is B2 GER. Alternatively, you may submit a bachelor's or bachelor's degree certificate of the first professional qualification (Bachelor's degree) obtained in an English-speaking country (eg USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or Ireland). Another proof could be a final certificate of the first professional qualification (Bachelor), whose language was English (all modules have to be fully taught in English - proof is required!).

In addition, your English knowledge can be demonstrated by various test results.

Other than the listed references cannot be recognized. A DAAD language certificate is not a recognized English tests! A confirmation of the university or participation in English courses is not sufficient as proof!

Advanced English knowledge is not only necessary because of the foreign semester, but also because the most important scientific essays, of which many are to be read during the course of studies, appear in English-language journals.

The application documents must completely arrive until the 31th of May. The applications that were received in time will be tested if they fulfill all the formal requirements. If that is not the case, unfortunately the application cannot be considered. Following an admission based on the average grade takes place. The average grade (NC) varies from year to year depending on the number of applicants. The average grade during the last years was around 1,9. Details about the admission procedure can be found in the admission rules (Zugangssatzung).

We can only accept courses that you fulfilled during your Bachelor’s degree. Courses that you completed at a different university or courses that are not part of your Bachelor’s degree cannot be accepted. It is also not possible to attend postgraduate courses or to catch up on courses parallel to your Master degree studies. All credit points must be fully attested until the end of the application deadline. Additionally it is not possible to compensate missing credit points with practical experience.

We strongly discourage you from taking missing courses parallel to your Master degree studies due to bad experiences in the past. The compulsory attendance and high workload of the Master’s degree make it very difficult to meet the requirements of both commitments.

It could even lead to your withdrawal from your studies. If you still have open courses you must attend, we strongly look forward to your application a year later.

Please do not! Curriculum vitae, motivation letter, work references and anything like that are not included in the application process. It is clearly not necessary to add these documents to your application. An examination of documents will not be done.

The semester abroad is not mandatory, though we strongly recommend our students to take advantage of this opportunity. We cooperate with prestigious partner universities abroad and therefore there is a spot for every Master’s degree student available. Tuition fees will not be charged for your semester abroad. Further, you have the opportunity to attend a university abroad we do not cooperate with as a so-called “free mover”.

An internship is not part of the Master’s degree. We recommend that you fulfill an internship in between your Bachelor’s degree and your Master’s degree, for example as part of a gap year program. The tight, intense schedule of the M&M Master’s program only allows an internship of 3 to 4 months during the recess between the third and fourth semester.

The compulsory attendance in the M&M Master program is very strict in order to enable the extraordinary concept of teaching only in seminars. A miss-out over 15% (2 missed sessions) leads to failing the course or must be compensated through additional achievements.

There are no fees for the course, but you have to pay the semester contribution for the Freie Universität Berlin of the amount of approx. € 300.

The Master's degree program "Management & Marketing" is a full-time study course with a high workload and a tight schedule. The intensity of the program, which is also expressed by our graduates, allows only a very limited work parallel to the studies.

Therefore, we would like to introduce some alternatives to time-intensive student studies and secondary jobs, which M & M students have used regularly in the past: BAföG, Deutschlandstipendium, PROMOS and Schmalenbach Scholarship. Please inform yourself about further scholarships, student loans, and employment opportunities as a student assistant at the FU Berlin.

We offer 40 places at the M&M Master program per year. This is the maximum capacity due to teaching solely in seminars. The average grade (NC) varies from year to year depending on the number of applicants. The average grade during the last years was around 1,9. The NC of the last year you can find here.

Contact to the Master in Management & Marketing

Master Management & Marketing

Contact: Antje Goebel
Office hours: Tuesday, 10:00-11:30 (am) and upon request
E-Mail: mastermm@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de
Phone: +49 30 838 63582*
Garystraße 21, 14195 Berlin

*available during office hours

Coordination of the Master program

Prof. Dr. Miriam Flickinger
Professor at the Management Department

Louisa La Porta, M.Sc.
Research Assistant