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Master Thesis at the Department of Information Systems

The master thesis is intended to provide evidence that the student is capable of independently addressing a problem from the field of information systems using scientific methods.

Prerequisite for the registration of the master thesis of an enrolled student is a proof of at least 60 LP, which were achieved within the modules according to the study regulations. The deadline for completion is set at 23 weeks from the date of issue of the topic. The scope of the Master's thesis should amount to approximately 20,000 words.

After a successful application for the master thesis has been submitted in due time, an individual agreement and specification of the topic will be made with the respective supervisor. If supervisors are selected who do not belong to the Department of Information Systems, the approval of a professor from the Department of Information Systems must be obtained before the topic is registered with the Examination Committee, who will then usually also act as second examiner. Further formalities regarding the master thesis can be found in the study and examination regulations for the master's program in Business Information Systems.

The following regulations apply to the registration procedure and the organization of a master thesis:

Application and Registration


Provided that you have fulfilled all requirements, you will find the form for the registration of the master thesis here. Please fill out the form with your personal data only and indicate the order of your priorities regarding the supervisor. Please make sure that you indicate several professorships of the same department. Furthermore, you should submit an initial topic proposal. Afterwards, send the completed document electronically to the professorship of your first priority. Applications received by the deadline will be reviewed by the respective professorship. Students who have been accepted for supervision will receive a confirmation of supervision directly from there. Applications that have not been accepted will be forwarded immediately to the professorship named next on the priority list.

Register with Examination Office

As soon as the topic, supervisor and start of the thesis have been determined, confirm this on the form for registering the master thesis with your signature (at the bottom). Then submit this form immediately to the Examination Office. Please note that the thesis is only considered registered if you fulfill all requirements. Due to the high number of registrations, you will not receive a confirmation of registration from the examination office.

Important: We recommend you to make a copy of the registration form and/or make a note of your deadline!

Deadlines and modalities of the department

If you plan to write a master's thesis during a particular semester, you must submit the master's thesis registration form to your favored professor by the following deadlines at the beginning of the respective planned semester (even if the processing period is not to begin until a later semester phase):

Summer semester: until April 15
Winter semester: until October 15


The examination board has decided on 29.06.2022 that final theses should be sent exclusively in electronic form from now on.

Please send your thesis in PDF format by e-mail to the Examination Office (pruefungsbuero@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de) by 11:59 p.m. on the day of submission. Please make sure that the affidavit is included in the file and signed.

Print versions will no longer be accepted.

Verlängerung wegen Krankheit

Students who need an extension of the processing time for their master theses due to illness must note the following:

An extension is only possible if the illness is proven with an official medical certificate.

Exception: The illness can be made credible by other means (e.g. by a certificate of hospitalization). A simple medical certificate is not sufficient.

Exception for summer semester 2022: Due to COVID-19, it is currently difficult to obtain an official medical certificate. Instead, please send us proof of your illness in the form of a medical certificate:

  • The certificate must be titled "medical certificate".
  • The certificate must list the symptoms of the illness and the duration of the extension recommended by the doctor.
  • The certificate must be received by the Examination Office no later than 3 working days (including Saturdays) after the date of issue (if mailed, the postmark date counts).
  • Personality-forming illnesses, test anxiety and other permanent psychologically based restrictions are not considered illnesses that can be compensated for disadvantages.

Requests for an extension of the processing time that do not meet the above criteria cannot be processed. Each case of illness is examined individually. The extension granted may be shorter than the duration of the illness.

Please note that the grade of the master thesis is not displayed in the grade and point account, but only in the performance overview under certificates in Campus Management.

On the following pages you will find suggested topics of the individual professors as well as further information about the respective supervision. Note: Professors who are not listed may also supervise a master thesis.

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