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If you have any questions that are not listed below, please write an e-mail to masterwinfo@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de.

General information about admission requirements can be found here.

The deadline for fall admission is May 31st. General Information about the application process can be found here.

Students who have acquired their first academic degree in Germany apply to Freie Universität directly.
Students who have not acquired their first academic degree in Germany do not apply to Freie Universität directly, but through uni-assist.
General Information about the Application Process can be found here.

No, there is no such possibility provided in this master's program. You have to fulfill all the course requirements by the end of the application phase. It is also not possible to compensate the missing ECTS points with practical experience.

Neither résumé nor cover letter nor employer's references’ are necessary for the application. So even if you send them in with your application, they won't be considered in the process.

There is no tuition fee for this program. However, you are required to pay a general semester fee (ca. 310€).

Yes. Every student applying for this program should know at least one programming language and should have gained a little experience in it. For those who still have shortcomings in programming, we are offering a course „Programmieren in C# unter .NET“ before the start of the fall/winter semester.
The minimum level to enroll in the program is DSH-2. For further information please visit this site.

If the bachelor thesis has not been completed by the time of the application for the master’s program, a document is needed that certifies the application for the bachelor thesis and the expected submission date. Furthermore, the title of the bachelor thesis must indicate a topic related to information systems. If this is not the case, further documents like the abstract or the outline should be handed in.