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Prof. Dr. Jana Costas


Prof. Dr. Jana Costas

Prof. Dr. Jana Costas

Boltzmannstr. 20
Raum 408
14195 Berlin


EU 7th Framework Intra-European Marie Curie Fellowship



- Leadership & Innovation: ‘Organizational Culture, Identity and Leadership’ 

- Qualitative Forschungsmethoden

- Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility: 'Ethics, Organizational Culture and Corruption'


- Betreuung von Qualifikationsarbeiten in den Gebieten Organisation, Personal und Führung




- PhD, University of Cambridge, Judge Business School, 11/2009

- MPhil, University of Cambridge, Judge Business School, 2006

- BSc Management, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2004


Research Interests

- Organization, culture, power, CSR, leadership, knowledge work, service work, social and psychoanalytic theory



Book (work in progress)

Costas, J. & C. Grey. Secrecy at Work: The Hidden Architecture of Organizations. Stanford University Press.


Journal Articles

Costas, J. & C. Grey. Bringing Secrecy into the Open: Towards a Theorization of the Social Processes of Organizational Secrecy. Organization Studies (forthcoming).

Costas, J. & C. Grey. The Power of Temporality and the Temporality of Power: Imaginary Futures Selves in Professional Service Firms. Organization Studies (forthcoming).

Bewernick, M., Schreyögg, G. & J. Costas (2013) Charismatische Führung: Die Konstruktion von Charisma durch die deutsche Wirtschaftspresse am Beispiel von Ferdinand Piëch. Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung, August/September, 434-465.

Costas, J. (2013) Problematizing Mobility: A Metaphor of Stickiness, Non-places and the Kinetic Elite. Organization Studies, 34 (10), 1467– 1485.

Costas, J. & D. Kärreman (2013) Conscience as Control: Managing Employees through CSR. Organization, 20 (3), 394-415.

Costas, J. & C. Grey (2013) Outsourcing Your Life - Separating Exploration and Exploitation in the 4-Hour Workweek. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 37, 221-247.

Costas, J. & A. Taheri (2012) "The Return of the Primal Father" in Postmodernity? A Lacanian Analysis of Authentic Leadership. Organization Studies, 33 (9), 1195 - 1216.

Costas, J. (2012) "We Are All Friends Here" – Reinforcing Paradoxes of Normative Control in a  Culture of Friendship. Journal of Management Inquiry, 21 (4), 377-395.

Costas, J. & P. Fleming (2009) Beyond Dis-identification – Towards a Discursive Approach to Self-alienation in Contemporary Organizations. Human Relations, 62 (3), 353-378.


Reviews/ Essays

Costas, J. (2010) Book review of Alvesson, M., Bridgman, T. & Willmott, H. (2009) The Oxford Handbook of Critical Management Studies. Organization, 17 (6), 789-792.

Costas, J. (2009) ‘On Mystifications of Power – Some Reflections on Lars von Trier’s ‘The Boss of It All’.’ Review Essay in Ephemera – Theory and Politics in Organizations, 9 (1), 52-60.

Costas, J. (2009) Book review of du Gay, P. (2007) Organizing Identity. Work, Employment and Society, 23 (1), 197-199.