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Beispiele für Bachelorarbeitsthemen

M&As and Strategic Alliances

  • Acquisition vs. alliance. Which is the optimal governance form? The case of Fiat Chrysler & PSA.
  • Alliances with non-profit organizations. Do non-profit organizations benefit from working with private firms?

Buyer-Supplier Relationships

  • Determinants of make and buy decisions. What do we know and what we need to know? A systematic literature review.
  • The relationship between Volkswagen and Prevent. A case of buyer opportunism? 

Corporate Misconduct

  • Corporate misconduct at top management level: The use of deceptive language in annual reporting.
  • Does gender diversity lead to more or less corporate misconduct? An empirical review of German public firms. 

General Strategic Management

  • The diversification performance relationship revisited.
  • The downfall of Air Berlin. A stuck-in-the-middle problem?