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Participation at the 2023 European Academy of Management Conference

European Academy of Management

European Academy of Management
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News vom 15.03.2023

Two research projects on leadership by Professor Razinskas are accepted for presentation at this year’s European Academy of Management Conference. The paper titled “A literature review on the role of psychological resilience in leadership contexts,” which is joint work with Silja Hartmann (TU Berlin), provides synthesized insights into how psychological resilience affects leader−follower relationships. The paper titled “For better or for worse? The role of mindfulness in team leadership” is joint work with Julia K. de Groote (WHU), Andreas Hack (University of Bern), and Jessica Niedermair (University of Bern). By attending to supplementary fit logic, this paper uncovers the critical role that leader−team mindfulness congruence plays for leaders’ engaging in transformational leadership behaviors. The conference will be held from June 14th to June 16th, 2023, in Dublin (Ireland).

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