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Harvard Business Manager features research by Professor Razinskas

Harvard Business Manager

Harvard Business Manager
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News vom 27.06.2023

For its July issue, Harvard Business Manager has talked with Stefan Razinskas about his joint research with Eric Kearney (University of Potsdam), Matthias Weiss (Radboud University), and Martin Hoegl (LMU Munich). Stefan Razinskas explains in this interview why gender-diverse teams are in particular need of time to actually leverage the diverse perspectives, skills, and expertise of their members. Although these teams tend to outperform gender-homogeneous teams when being granted sufficient time, their members are more at risk of turning quiet and disengaging from the task when being pressed for time.

If you are interested in understanding how time (and the lack thereof) may tip the balance for gender diversity to harm team performance, please get a copy of Harvard Business Manager’s most recent issue, watch a short video summary of this research here, or download its corresponding open-access article here.

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