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Professor Razinskas offers Süddeutsche Zeitung his expertise on team diversity

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Süddeutsche Zeitung
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News vom 07.11.2023

Sebastian Herrmann from Süddeutsche Zeitung has repeatedly interviewed Stefan Razinskas about his research on team diversity and faultlines.

For a first article accessible here, Stefan Razinskas offered insights into the role that team diversity plays in the creativity of teams. Informed by his literature review published together with Andreas Hundschell, Julia Backmann, and Martin Hoegl (accessible here), this SZ article takes a balanced account of the likely benefits and critical challenges associated with diverse teams having to collectively work on creative tasks.

For a second article accessible here, Stefan Razinskas discussed the potential consequences when strong faultlines surface in teams. Informed by his joint work with Eric Kearney, Matthias Weiss, and Martin Hoegl on gender diversity (accessible here) and status differences across faultlines-based subgroups (work in progress), this SZ article illustrates recent findings that point toward ways of preventing medical teams from the fatal consequences of strong faultlines, which result when multiple diversity attributes of team members align to create relatively homogeneous subgroups.

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