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Digital Entrepreneurship Hub hostet Track zu "Addressing Diversity in Digitalization" auf der Hawaii Conference of System Sciences (01/21)

News vom 02.04.2020

Track Chairs: Janina Sundermeier, Hannes Rothe, Yolande Chan

Additional Information: here

In this minitrack, we invite scholars to advance our theoretical knowledge on inclusive design and application processes, practices and routines of organizing data and information systems that consider the role of diversity, and more generally submissions that advance our knowledge on the relationship between digitalization and diversity, which lead towards products and services that represent the needs and wants of diverse societies. We are open towards diverse methodological and theoretical approaches and welcome contributions from scientists and practitioners likewise.

Contributions to this minitrack may include, but are not limited to:


  • Understanding practices that address diversity issues in designing digital artifacts
  • Theorizing challenges related to the consideration of different dimensions of diversity in designing digital artifacts
  • Understanding implications of considering and neglecting societal diversity in designing digital artifacts


  • The role of individual identity and diversity in routines and practices associated with the design and application of information systems and data
  • The role of individual identity and diversity in organizational capabilities related to digitalization
  • The role of individual identity and diversity in knowledge sharing and application related to digitalization
  • Examinations of the relevance of attitudes towards diversity and potential tensions in these regards among employees in digital ventures
  • Overview of theoretical advances on diversity and its understanding in IS research
  • Field studies in the topics above


  • Understanding outcomes of (less) inclusive design processes and organizing practices (e.g. for marginalized or disadvantaged groups)
  • Highlighting the consequences of missing diversity reflections in design processes for digital artifacts across levels of analysis (e.g. designer, venture, society)
  • Development of theoretical frameworks that allow to holistically capture impacts of (less) inclusive design practices for digital artifacts
37 / 45