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Die ProfessorInnen Janina Sundermeier, Hannes Rothe und Yolande Chan hosten Track "Addressing Diversity in Digitalization" auf der 55. Hawaiian Conference on System Sciences (01/22)

In this mini track, we invite scholars to advance our theoretical knowledge on the digital impact on diversity, i.e. on inclusive design and application processes, practices and routines of organizing data and information systems that consider the role of diversity, and the influence of diversity in shaping the role, usage, and design of digital technologies. We are open towards diverse methodological and theoretical approaches and welcome contributions from scientists and practitioners likewise.


Auswirkungen von Hybris neu gedacht. Studie "Hubristic Startup Founders" erscheint im Journal of Management Studies

Die ProfessorInnen Sundermeier, Gersch und Freiling eröffnen neue Perspektiven in der Forschung um Hybris.