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Management – Eine problemorientierte Einführung

(WiSe 20/21)

This course is an introduction to management for students from non-management backgrounds. Topics will include

  • What is management: Managerial tasks and skills
  • The evolution of management practice and research
  • Management philosophies and leadership
  • Firm performance and stakeholder vs. shareholder approaches
  • Financial management
  • Corporate and business strategies
  • Markets and competition
  • Organizational design of structures and processes
  • Corporate governance
  • International management
  • Management of corporate functions (e.g., marketing, HR)
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Change management and innovation
  • Managerial ethics and corporate social responsibility

The course will take place in a lecture format with an associated additional tutorial. Attendance of both is highly recommended. During the winter term 20/21, the lecture is scheduled for Wednesdays 12 to 2, the associated tutorial is scheduled for Thursdays 10-12. Both will take place as online teaching with mostly recorded materials that you can access anytime. Additionally, there will be some live sessions that will take place during the above mentioned times.

Class language will be English.

The exam will be a 90-minute exam which will consist of both multiple choice and open text questions. The language of the exam will be English.