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(SoSe 2011)


Please note that the first class will take place on Wednesday, April 13, 18-20 h. The class on Monday, April 11 and the Übung on Wednesday, April 13 will be canceled. Description: Over the past two centuries the science of economics has developed from being a subject debated in intellectual salons to a full fledged social science having a common analytical core with an enormous variety of applications, many of great use and interest for conducting the economic policy of nations and communities of nations. In this course students will be exposed to a select number of texts that illustrate the common “Economic Imagination” that allows us to see underlying order in the multitude of transactions and accounts of individual households, firms and governmental units. From early in the 20th century and on to the present, American economists (many of them immigrants) have played the leading role in the scientific development of economics.